Lombok Holidays

Over the years, we have been pleased to share our home with our extended families and friends. Here are a selection of the holidays enjoyed by so many at Villa Lampu:

  • July-August 2003: We managed to get the family together in Lombok at the same time. This was actually the last time that the kids could all benefit from summer holidays at the same time, as they were starting university and jobs in different countries.
  • December 2003: Jeanetta and Louis came to see us. We arranged something very special for them on their final day — a 6.3 earthquake! No damage, but it sent us running out of the house!
  • August 2004: Jane and family came to enjoy the summer and loved both the safari park and the waterfalls.
  • November 2004: Aam’s mother and other members of the family came to enjoy the tranquility of Villa Lampu.
  • December 2004: Andrew, Eve, Rachel, Lois, Patrick, James, and Xanthe stopped first in Bali for a few days, and then came on to Lombok for Christmas 2004 and for the New Year 2005, and even stayed for Andrew’s birthday, while Robert set off to head up an emergency relief operation after the Aceh Tsunami!
  • March-April 2005: Our friends, Bapak Uha and Ibu Uha, who used to be our neighbours when we lived in Jakarta, came to stay for a few days.
  • September 2005: David, Rose and Edward came to visit during the dry season when there were lovely cool breezes.
  • April 2006: Peter and Oscar came to visit the waterfall, to dive, and to stay on Gili Trawangan.
  • July 2006: Finally after three years, we were able to get all three kids back to Lombok at the same time. They came with boyfriends, girlfriends, and cousins — and we were one big happy family having a lot of laughs!
  • August 2006: Peter went off on an 8 day diving trip along the eastern islands of Indonesia. He took these fantastic underwater photos during the trip.
  • July 2007: The three youngest siblings, Andrew, Ruth and David, came with all or part of their families. Andrew came with his sons, James and Patrick; Ruth came with husband, Yves, and daughters, Sophie and Akkara; and David came with wife, Rose, and sons, Edward and Benjamin. There was a visit to the waterfalls and to Gili Trawangan, and we all had a great time.
  • December 2007: Our dear long-time friends, Glen and Wanida, came to visit us for Christmas. We took them on a trip to Kuta Bay in south Lombok, and enjoyed a delicious vegetarian lunch there overlooking the bay.