Villa Lampu

The above photo shows Seggigi town and Senggigi Bay on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. Our home, Villa Lampu (which means “House of Light”), is located just up the main valley in the centre of the town. The first parcel of land was purchased in 1998. At that time, it was a coconut tree and banana tree plantation. The land had been eroded considerably by rain and was covered in rubbish. Initial work focused on building retaining walls at the lower end of the land and reclaiming land which had been swept away by the river. The next phase of development was to enclose the land with a wall on the flat part and a fence up the hill. Finally in 1999, construction of the house began. The house was completed in 2000 and has become our home — the place to which we have retired. Subsequent development has seen the extension of the house, the construction of a garden nursery, steps up the hill to open up views of the sea, and a number of “berugas” — small open-air buildings on stilts where people can relax.
Villa Lampu became the home that the family had never really had before due to the nomadic life of working for the UN Refugee Agency. For Aam, Robert, Joel, Peter, and Julia, it became  first a holiday home and later our retirement home. From simple beginnings, it has developed into a magical estate. Once inside, its beauty captures your soul, and it is difficult to tear yourself away and re-enter the world outside. Set amidst coconut trees and tropical flowers, and filled with a variety of animals, Villa Lampu is a little piece of paradise, a place for relaxation and for recharging your batteries.

Click here for a fuller description of Villa Lampu. The land and house have developed over the years and the attached photo album shows what it looks like now.

From time to time, we have been honoured to have family and friends coming to stay with us and the record of their visits can be found in the attached photo albums.

Outside Gate to Villa Lampu

Villa Lampu - outer gate

Inner Gate to Villa Lampu

Villa Lampu - inner gate