Pedigree of the Rev. Isaac Ashe (1801-1888)

The Rev. Isaac Ashe applied to Sir William Betham (1779-1853), Ulster King of Arms, for a Pedigree of the Ashe Family as it pertained to him. This document was issued in 1846, and a photograph of the whole document is provided below.

At the top of the Pedigree the following words are written:

Esse, Ashe or d’Essecourt

The ancient and eminent family of Esse, Ashe, or d’Essecourt, which came over with William the Conqueror, appears, by certified Extracts under the Seal of Ulster King of Arms, by the authority of the Heralds’ College, and from the pages of our old historians, to have held large Estates in the county of Devon, in the eleventh century; and the line is deducible through more than eighteen generations.

Below the Pedigree, the following statement is made:

I do hereby certify and declare, that the above Pedigree has been duly proved and recorded in my Office, and has been extracted from the Record, and compared therewith, and that the arms above depicted do of right belong to the Rev. Isaac Ashe, Clerk, Incumbent of Brackaville, in Tyrone, and to the other members of the family, with proper differences.Signed: W. Betham, Ulster King of Arms of all Ireland
January 14th, 1846

I find the Ashefield family have always borne the Squirrel, while the other branches have borne the Cockatrice. This is a common circumstance. The Squirrel appears on our books to the Ashefield, although the Ashes of England, their Ancestors, have always borne the Cockatrice. I think you are entitled to bear the old Crest.
Signed: W. Betham, U.K.A.
January 14th, 1846

To the Rev. Isaac Ashe.
The above Certificate reaches only as far as the red line. All above that line, or enclosed by red lines, rests upon unquestionable authority, though not included in the Certificate.

A more detailed look at the top, middle and lower sections of the Pedigree can be found by clicking on the links.