Certificates and Documents

A number of interesting certificates and documents have emerged out of the family archives, and these are provided here as reference material for future historians, and also so that they are not lost in the sands of time. As I find more, I will add to them. If anyone needs a higher resolution copy, please write to me ([email protected]), and I’ll try to help.

Ashe, David Mark (1963-)
1963: Babygram
1963: Baptism Certificate

Ashe, Charles William (1846-1927)
1927: Death Certificate

Ashe, Edith Florence Dermina Ivy Mary (1920-2013)
1920: Birth Certificate
1954: Marriage Certificate to Joyclyn William Gladstone Gray

Ashe, Ellen Irene Isabel Blackler (1905-1989)
1929: Marriage Certificate to Winthrop Buckingham

Ashe, Rev. Isaac (1751-1834)
1802: Published Prayers

Ashe, Rev. Isaac (1801-1888)
1846: Pedigree of the Ashe Family, issued by the Ulster King of Arms

Ashe, Islay Jane (1958-)
1958: Baby Discharge Form

Ashe, Rev. Francis Patrick Bellesme (1915-2009)
1915: Birth Certificate
1915: Baptism Certificate – 1
1915: Baptism Certificate – 2
1915: Baptism Certificate – 3
1934: Sixth Form Report from Whitgift School, Croydon
1950: Marriage Certificate to Marion Islay Bamber (née Johnston)
1972: Induction to Church Stretton
2009: Death Certificate

Ashe, Peter Patrick (1984-)
1984: Baptism Certificate

Ashe, Richard (? – 1728)
1728: Will

Ashe, Robert Henry Nicholas (1895-1966)
1921: Marriage Certificate to Ivy Elise Anne Whittall
1966: Death Certificate

Ashe, Robert Patrick (1953-)
2002: Marriage Certificate to Aam Zamila Blair (née Dachlan)
2010: Letter from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Ashe, Rev. Robert Pickering (1857-1944)
1857: Birth Certificate
1897: Curate’s License for Portishead
1898: Chaplain’s License for Boudjah
1899: Marriage Certificate to Edith Blackler
1914: Document issued by the Consulate of the Netherlands
1924: Minister’s License for Smyrna
1994: Encounters with Lions

Ashe, Susannah Elizabeth (née Smith) (1850-1927)
1927: Death Certificate

Bamber, Capt. Claude John Carnegie (1915-1941)
1915: Birth Certificate
1940: Marriage Certificate to Marion Islay Johnston

Blackler, Edith (1870-1963)
1870: Baptism Certificate
1884: School Certificate from the American Home School, Constantinople
1899: Marriage Certificate to Robert Pickering Ashe

Blackler, Ida Hooper (1854-1929)
1906: USA Travel Document (upper half and lower half)
1924: Last Will and Testament

Blackler, Lydia Hooper (1835-1917)
1898: Genealogical Notes
1903: Genealogical Notes
1912: Last Will and Testament

Blackler, Mary Hooper Routh (1851-1940)
1929: Last Will and Testament

Gray, Col. Joyclyn William Gladstone (1909-1966)
1954: Marriage Certificate to Edith Florence Dermina Ivy Ashe

Head, Gladys Katie (1891-1971)
1891: Birth Certificate
1898: Photo of Gladys with parents and siblings
1919: Marriage Certificate to Francis Featherstonhaugh Johnston
1971: Death Certificate

Johnston, The Rt. Rev. Francis Featherstonhaugh (1891-1963)
1891: Birth Certificate
1911: Durham University – 1911 and 1912 Certificates
1913: Durham University – 1913 and 1914 Certificates
1914: Durham University – BA Degree
1919: Marriage Certificate to Gladys Katie Head
1944: Awarded the CBE
1957: Letter describing their expulsion from Egypt
1958: Invitation to 10 Downing Street
1963: Battle of Arnhem Commemoration Service, when he died
1963: Biographical Notes
1963: Death Certificate
1963: Letter from Bishop Cuthbert Bardsley

Johnston, Flt. Lt. Francis Noel (1921-1945)
1921: Birth Certificate
1939: Alexandria to Marseilles boat ticket
1945: Death Certificate

Johnston, Marion Islay (1920-2008)
1920: Birth Certificate
1920: Baptism Certificate
1940: Marriage Certificate to Claude John Carnegie Bamber
1946: Letter about her War Service
1946: Member of Guy’s Hospital Guild of Communicants
1948: Letter of notification of passthe exam for State Registered Nurse
1950: Marriage Certificate to Francis Patrick Bellesme Ashe
1950: National Registration Identity Card
2008: Death Certificate

Johnston, Mary Phyllis (née Cox) (1882-1958)
1958: Death Notice

MacLachlan, Alexander (1858-1940)
1938: A Potpourri of Sidelights and Shadows from Turkey

McClure, Rev. Robert (1732-1823)
2002: Notes by Ken Stacey

Whittall, Ivy Elise Ann (1892-1978)
1892: Baptism Certificate
1921: Marriage Certificate to Robert Henry Nicholas Ashe