William John Arthur Blackler Ashe (1903-1989)

William was born on 7 July 1903 in Boudja, Smyrna, Turkey, son of the Rev. Robert Pickering Ashe and Edith (Blackler) Ashe. He was educated at the American College, Paradise near Smyrna, and at Hartlebury Grammar School, where his uncle George Ashe was Headmaster.

After being forced out of their home in Boudja by the Turkish uprising, R.P. Ashe was made Chaplain to the British community in Carthagena, Spain. William worked first in a silkworm gut factory in Murcia, making fishing lines. In 1924, he went to England and joined the soap firm of Gossages. He later transferred to Lever Brothers, and finally to Peak Freans Biscuits. He traveled over Europe, South America and Africa as their foreign salesman.

He married (1) Marie (Marnie) Johnson, and they had one son, Anthony, who married Susan Everett in August 1961. They had four children, Lucy (1962), Martin (1963), Zoe (1967) and Edward (1971).

After Marie’s death, William married (2) Blandine Van der Elst, and they lived in Larcy, near Tours, in France. In 1979 they moved to Eastbourne,Sussex.
William died in 1989, and his ashes are buried in the Ashe / Blackler grave in Warlingham.

From “The Biscuit News”