2000: their 50th wedding anniversary

Family and friends came together on 22 April 2000 at Loseley Park to celebrate Pat and Marion’s 50th wedding anniversary (from 21 February 1950 to 21 February 2000). A Service of Thanksgiving was held in the chapel, followed by a meal in the Great Hall of Loseley Manor, where the following short speech was given in honour of Pat and Marion:

Dad & Mum, Grandma & Grandpa, Pat & Marion insisted on no speeches. This is not a speech, this is a life commentary, for which there is no right of reply.

This is a celebration for family, but the family is wider than just the Ashes – it includes so many branches of the family including our wider family of friends.

It’s also a celebration of the lives of Pat & Marion, which started many years before they met. Pat was born in Turkey. Marion was born in Egypt. Both were born with a rich history. Pat’s father was one of the first missionaries into Uganda, writing two fascinating books about his time there. Marion’s father was the Bishop of Egypt and oversaw the construction of Cairo Cathedral.

Their lives have been full of incredible experiences – from Marion’s two month journey during the war by boat from Egypt to the UK via South Africa, South America, and Canada; to Pat’s work in Cyprus working for reconciliation amongst the Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities.

Together they started Project Vietnam Orphans. Their concern to start by helping one child in Vietnam was a continuation of the love and care that they lavished on each of their own children, and which they continue to lavish on their grandchildren.

They taught us the meaning of the word JOY, and that service of others brings the greatest riches of all – a sense of peace and happiness. And the service of others is also confirmed in the Ashe Family motto – Fight, Non Nobis Sed Omnibus.

In this setting of the Great Hall, with its rich history, there is perhaps no better place to make a small presentation. In order to remember this great and once only occasion, we have commissioned an artist of international reputation to produce a work of art to help you retain the memory of this wonderful evening in celebration of the last 50 years of your lives together.

Dad & Mum, Grandma & Grandpa, Pat & Marion – we love you both.