2009 Last written words

Towards the end of his time with us, Pat wrote to his children with the following words, which were found in his small notebook after he passed on:

If we die one of us
Try not to be too sad –
we have been expecting it for some time.

It would be impossible for any of you to say “if only”
You have all done everything possible
to make us happy and grateful, and
we have known your love.

When I asked the Great God and Father
what I should say in my few words,
He said
“Little Children love one another.”

That is what He said to St John
who wrote 2 letters which I hope you will all read.
They are quite short and you will find them
at the end of the New Testament just before Revelation.

It is wonderful to love and be loved
but it is not always easy when the one to be loved
is like Sadham or Hitler or Idi Amin,
or the boy in the next desk, or the girl in the office,
or the room mate I’m stuck with.

1. Pray for them.

2. Ask for Grace to love and forgive.

3. Take a deep breath and forgive them.
Listen to Him – Remarkable Man.

4. Standards
Lottery ‘Get rich quick’
does not buy happiness.
Happiness is a by-product,
chase it and it vanishes.