2000 Tribute on her 80th birthday

A Tribute to Grandma

11 November 2000

Dear Grandma,

Today we celebrate your 80th birthday. For us, your grandchildren, it is difficult to comprehend how anyone, except Grandpa, could live for such a long time! Your life has spanned a time period when so many momentous events have taken place in the world – England emerging from the Great War, the Second World War when it took you more than two months to travel from Egypt, your birthplace, to England, the Suez crisis when your parents had to leave Egypt, and the placing of a man on the moon.

You have seen changes of governments from Churchill to Thatcher and beyond, and you have been both amused and horrified by the antics of our politicians. You have witnessed the changes in travel from ships to planes to spaceships, and you have traveled to most of the four corners of the world. You have seen the results of the horrors of war, and have helped to heal the wounds of those who have suffered. You provided the basis for the vision of helping one child in 1966 which spawned Project Vietnam Orphans and which provided the basis for helping so many children.

You have survived the trauma of raising seven children, including two sets of twins, as well as a hip replacement operation and a triple by-pass and valve replacement heart operation – and, as Grandpa will assure you, you are still as beautiful today as the day he met you. Your beauty comes from within and shines out like a beacon as an example to all of us, your grandchildren.

As we celebrate your 80th birthday, we would also like to give thanks to God for the way in which He has shaped your life. We would like to thank Grandpa for marrying you, which resulted in our parents, and gave life to us. And we would like to thank you for all that you have done for each of us, for your kindness and generosity, for your words of wisdom, and for being there when we needed you.

Grandma, we love you very much.