Monica Mary Johnston [née Allner] (1923 – 2016)

Monica Allner

Known affectionately as “Bunty”, Monica was born on 19 June 1923, the daughter of James Allner (1884-1955) and Olive Margaret Okey Taylor (1896-1976). Her brother, Cedric, was born in 1920. In 1944, Monica married Francis Noël Johnston, who was a pilot in the RAF, and who was killed in a flying accident in early 1945. Their son, Peter Johnston, was born on 20 June 1945.

Monica was a talented musician, and started her career as a music teacher at St.
Helen and St. Katharine School, in Abingdon. Following Noël’s death, she taught music at Dorchester School in Parkstone. She worked for several years at Parkstone
Grammar School where, as Head of Music, she led the choirs to many victories in the
local music festivals, especially in Bournemouth.

To celebrate Monica’s 80th birthday, Peter and his wife, Pam, wrote a book, Family Memories. It is a fascinating historical account of the family, and well worth reading.

After a long and fulfilling life, spent largely in the service of others, Monica passed away peacefully on 21 November 2016. She will be missed by all the family who knew her and loved her.