Andrew Gwynne Ashe

Andrew, together with Islay Jane, is part of the second set of twins in the family born on 6 January 1958. As with Robert and John, he went to Dean Close Junior School in Cheltenham. Later, after attending Warwick School, he went on to Christ’s Hospital in Horsham, and then to Westminster College, Oxford, where he gained a degree in Education.

In the early 1980’s, Andrew joined VSO and went to work as a teacher on Karkar Island in Papua New Guinea. This experience sparked his interest, and his life-long commitment, to use simple technology as a way of bringing education to those in distant countries who can least afford it.

Back in the UK, Andrew taught in various schools, and then used his teaching skills to teach languages in the same way that a small child learns. After working for a computer company for a while, he then branched out on his own and formed a successful company, called EuroTalk, together with his friend, Richard Howeson.

In September 1988, he married Evelyn Millard, and they have five children – Rachel (1991), Loïs (1992), James (1995), Patrick (1999), and Xanthe (2003). In spite of his very busy schedule, Andrew spends as much time as he can with the children, and often takes them away on holiday.

Andrew’s company, EuroTalk, was given two Queen’s Awards — one for Export and one for Innovation. In addition to its commercial success, EuroTalk has undertaken pro bono work in various countries through its Learnabout project, by introducing simple technology that allows children to learn different subjects. Andrew spends a lot of his time working on educational products for the developing world and travels extensively to promote this aspect of his work.