Aam Ashe-Blair (née Dachlan)

Aam was born in Jakarta on 24 August 1958, and grew up in a large family. She studied archaeology at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta and graduated in 1984 with a Masters Degree. During her studies she participated in archaeological field work around Indonesia, which has a rich history. She married at an early age and gave birth to two lovely children, Joel (1981) and Julia (1986). She lived abroad for some 20 years, mainly in Switzerland, retuning to Indonesia along with her husband, Robert Ashe, whom she married in 2002. During her time abroad, Aam has not only worked hard to raise her children, but has also participated in a number of voluntary activities, such as with the United Nations Women’s Association in Ethiopia. Her particular interests are porcelain painting and gardening. She is able to produce real works of art with her painting on various porcelain objects.

Together with Robert, she is now developing their retirement home in Lombok, Indonesia, where she plans to continue with her painting and gardening. She is also a wonderful cook, as can be seen in some of the recipes below that she has developed over the years.

After retiring with Robert in Lombok, Aam embarked on a new project — she opened a pet shop! Naming it “Rambo Petshop” after one of her German Shepherd dogs, she has developed new talents as a business woman.