Robert Ashe, MBE and Aam Ashe-Blair (née Dachlan)

Aam and Robert were married in Guildford in 2002, and the wedding, which was attended by the family, was a time of joy — as can be seen in the wedding pictures. Robert spoke a few words to the assembled family and friends, which reflected on the things which bring us together, rather than the things which separate us.

Over the years, a very special cat, Cabe Manis (meaning Sweet Chili in Indonesian!) grew up with them in Geneva. Cabe was a Scottish Fold, and she travelled with the family to Indonesia when Robert was assigned there in 2002. Although she has now died, she is remembered with love.

From time to time, the family manage to all be in the same place at the same time for a wonderful family reunion — in 2012 for Joel’s wedding to Nancy in California, and more recently in 2015 for Peter’s wedding to Palna in Dubai.

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