Poems by Robert Pickering Ashe

Robert Pickering Ashe wrote numerous poems. I have collected many of them and put them in book form divided into sections on War, Christmas, Psalms, Africa and Turkey, Birthdays, Assorted, Fairies, Love, Prayers, and Time. These can be found as “Collected Poems by Robert Pickering Ashe, M.A., F.R.G.S.“.

Recently, a new poem has come to light, provided to me by Michael Smith, son of Dorothy Smith (née Lawrence), who was the daughter of Helen Lewis (née Williamson), who was the daughter of Elizabeth “Neneka” Williamson, married to William Williamson. The Lewis and Williamson families were English missionaries in Turkey and must have been known to the Rev. R. P. Ashe. This is a birthday poem addressed to “Mrs Williamson”, who was the great-great grandmother of Michael.