Pocket Watch

The pocket watch of Rev. Robert P. Ashe was given to him after his first missionary stay in Uganda (1882-1886). Following his return to England in 1886, he stayed with his father, Rev. George A. H. Ashe, who was the Vicar of St. Mark’s Church in Witton, Lancashire. He stayed less than a year and, in addition to speaking at a number of CMS meetings about the work in Uganda, he also assisted his father with his parish work at St. Mark’s. Shortly before his return to Uganda to continue his missionary work, the parishioners of St. Mark’s Church were kind enough to present him with a gold pocket watch in recognition of his work in Africa. With a clear white face, it was beautifully engraved upon the back:

Watch 1
The back opens to reveal the engraving, which reads:

to the
Revd R.P. Ashe, B.A.
by the Parishioners of
in recognition of his
Jan 22nd 1887

Watch 2On the back of the watch is engraved the Ashe Arms with the motto:

Non Nobis Sed Omnibus
(Not for ourselves but for everyone)

Watch 3