Block Two for sale

Location:    Jalan Arjuna, which is opposite the PLN office on the main road, Senggigi, Lombok.
Accessible by car, and only 5 minutes walk to the centre of Senggigi (10 minutes walk to the beach)

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Size:  8,028 sq.m. on certificate, but will need to be re-measured as a small section of additional land was added at lower end.

Description: Walled at the lower end, and on the southern side (lower area). Barbed wire fence to top of land on southern side. Lower end has flat area leading to slope. At lower end, a house has been built (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen). Grass lawn in front of house is shaded and includes a beruga. Good tree cover throughout with mango, rambutan, lemon, coconut, borgainvillea, bamboo, pine. Ample room for further development on sloped area behind the house. View of the sea from half way up the hill.

Beruga in foreground and house behind

View from the front with beruga in background

Front of house

Kitchen area of house

Area behind house with wall in background