Block One for sale

Location:    Jalan Arjuna, which is opposite the PLN office on the main road, Senggigi, Lombok
Accessible by car, and only 5 minutes walk to the centre of Senggigi (10 minutes walk to the beach)

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Size: Two connected plots of land (two certificates);
Lower (flat) plot with lawn is 3,000 sq.m. (already sold).
Upper (sloped) plot is 6,333 sq.m. (still available).

Description of Upper Plot:
The upper plot of 6,333 sq.m. is fenced with barbed wire and a retaining wall at the top. It has good tree cover and can be reached via a road along the side wall of the lower plot.

Side road entry on right to upper plot (the entrance road has now been widened and there is a wall on the right hand side).

Lower end of upper plot

Upper plot with barbed wire fence in background

Upper plot with tree cover and ample space for development