History of PVO

Project Vietnam Orphans (PVO), which later transformed into CORD

In 1966, some 50 years ago, Pat and Marion Ashe were inspired to help just one of the children, who were suffering in the Vietnam War. Project Vietnam Orphans (PVO) was born, and this later became Christian Outreach: Relief and Development (CORD), which, over the years, has worked in more than 20 countries. The history of PVO / CORD can best be seen in the following time periods and events, which have shaped CORD into what it is today:

1966-1975:    Project Vietnam Orphans

1975:               The Airlift

1975-1993:     Working with refugees in Thailand

1977-now:       CORD expands to help people in new countries

During the last 50 years, PVO/CORD and its partners have worked in some of the poorest countries in the world, to help change the lives of millions of people who have lived through, and suffered from, the effects of violent conflict.

While the work has evolved over the years, the love, compassion, and commitment to provide dignity and hope for all, while focusing on the individual in need, has remained.

Many dedicated people have been involved in this organisation throughout its history. While they were alive, Pat and Marion were so grateful to those volunteers, both in the field and in the UK, who made such important contributions in helping the poor and displaced.