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26 August 2013: One of the interesting things about geneaology is coming across two family names, which appear unconnected, suspecting that there might be a connection, undertaking research, and finding out that families are linked. In this case, it was the name Cheales which sparked my interest. When my mother, Marion Islay Johnston, married, in 1940, her first husband, Captain Claude John Carnegie Bamber (killed eight months later in the Eritrean Campaign of World War II), I am sure that she had no idea that he was the 1st cousin, twice removed, of Ethel Gertrude Cheales, who married Isaac Leslie Ashe, who was the 3rd cousin of her second husband (married 1950), the Rev. Francis Patrick Bellesme Ashe (my father).

22 July 2013: Realising that there are five unbroken generations of clergy in the Ashe Family led me to undertake “The Clergy Project”, which provides information on several generations of Reverend gentlemen.

22 May 2013: As a result of being contacted with additional information by a descendant of the mother of Dr. Evelyn Oliver Ashe, I have been able to update the research paper on him. While progress is being made, I’m still missing the link to the main tree, so would love to hear from anyone who has more information.

6 April 2013: I have eventually got round to digging out old photos from the “Family Archives” and a selection are now available. All the people here can be found on the family tree. These photos show my Great Grandfather, George Alexander Hamilton Ashe (1812-1857), my Grandfather, Robert Pickering Ashe (1857-1944), and my father, Francis Patrick Bellesme Ashe (1915-2009), as well as their wives and children, plus aunts, uncles and other relations.

21 March 2013: As a result of being contacted with additional information by a descendant of the mother of Dr. Evelyn Oliver Ashe, I have been able to update the research paper on him. While progress is being made, I’m still missing the link to the main tree, so would love to hear from anyone who has more information.

12 February 2013: An email from a fellow genealogist led me to research, once again, the families around the time of William the Conqueror. In addition to correcting a few errors, I have added some new source material, partly from old French books that are now available, to the Bellesme and De Esse ancestors. A new version of the Family Tree has now been uploaded.

15 November 2012: Congratulations to Julia who climbed Mount Rinjani in Lombok (the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia). In one day, she reached the crater rim, watched the sunset, slept in a tent there overnight, watched the sunrise, and then walked back down. “The best/worst idea I ever had”, she said as she limped around on tortured leg muscles. However, it’s a great achievement, and she came back uninjured!

8 October 2012: A number of interesting certificates and documents are emerging from the family archives, and these can now be viewed via a page called Certificates. I will add to this page in due course.

15 September 2012: Captain William Blackler (1740-1818), my third Great Grandfather, commanded the boat that took General Washington across the Delaware River, and thus helped to win the decisive Battle of Trenton that led eventually to America’s independence. A new web page now describes his life.

30 July 2012: Recently, I became intrigued by the number of times the same names of prominent North Carolinian families cropped up over the generations in terms of inter-marriage with the Ashe family. I have therefore spent some time researching and mapping the relationships between the families of Ashe, Bell, Davis, Eagles, Hall, Haywood, Hill, Jones, Lillington, Moore, Nash, Porter, Rogers, Swann, and Waddell. In the process, I have made a few corrections in the data, and updated the Family Tree, which now contains over 5,300 individuals, most of whom are referenced with their own source material. As always, any corrections or additions from readers are always welcome.

10 July 2012: Family News Update! Read all about Peter‘s amazing achievement in the Paris Triathlon. Many thanks to those who so generously supported him and who remembered him in their prayers.

15 June 2012: Family News! Peter will be doing the Paris Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run) on 8 July. Click here for more information.

16 March 2012: OK — so I couldn’t keep completely away from the research when new information came available on the California Ashes! Another update to the Family Tree is available, and I will now go back to book-writing!

28 February 2012: As a result of further information that has come to me, I have done another major update to the Family Tree, which both adds family members and corrects some errors. With 4,700 individuals in the Tree, I am now going to take a break from family research, and spend some time writing a couple of books (I promised myself I would do those as soon as I retired two years ago, so it’s time to make good on that!!). Whether any publisher will ever be interested in them remains to be seen. However, I have dug out all my source material, and will now try to become a creative writer! If anyone has information, or comments, on the Family Tree, please write to me, and I will put it on a “to do’ list, which I will get round to after the books are completed.

7 February 2012: As indicated in the Preface, a very good source document was the Manuscript, Records of the Ashe Family, written by Waller Ashe in 1876. The owner of the manuscript, Dr. Robert Scott-Ashe, kindly gave a photocopy to my father, and I have now scanned it as a PDF for anyone to view. It takes a while to get used to the hand-writing, but it is a fascinating document for anyone researching the origins of the Ashe Family.

6 February 2012: A new update of the Family Tree is available, which includes the Canovas and the Kims, as part of the family. Some corrections and additions are also included in the update.

5 February 2012: Just back from attending the wedding of Joel and Nancy in Costa Mesa, California — a wonderful occasion (they are both great hosts) and a fantastic family reunion. We also managed trips to San Diego (the zoo and to see our old friend, Steve), as well as to Santa Barbara to stay with our cousin and good friend, Ann, and her family. An album of photos taken during our travels is now available.

12 January 2012: Further research on Dr. Evelyn Oliver Ashe has now revealed information about his parents, and I have therefore turned this into a Research Paper. I still need to fit him into the Family Tree, so anyone out there with information about him, please write to me!

6 January 2012: As a result of having access to the British Newspaper Archive, I have been able to complete a new Research Paper on William Frederick Windham and Felbrigg Hall. This chronicles, through newspaper articles, the last part of William’s life, and what happened to Felbrigg Hall, his inheritance.

5 January 2012: The last month has been spent trolling through the British Newspaper Archive — thanks to a generous Christmas gift subscription provided by Andrew — and I have been able to add source material to many of those who lived in the 19th Century. This has led to a major update to the Family Tree, which also includes many more of the Windham/Wyndham family members. Some of the newspaper articles are fascinating, and I will add more pages later to make the more interesting ones available.

5 November 2011: Another “lost” book is now available for online viewing. Jane Eliza Ashe (1807-1891) wrote a Book of Rhymes and Etchings in 1880. Probably produced privately, this may be the only copy in existence.

3 November 2011: For the many who could not get hold of one of the small number of privately printed copies of Pat Ashe’s autobiography, Dust and Ashes, it is now available online, with links set into the text for many of the names and places mentioned. For those with a travel bug, have a look at the interactive Google Map, which plots Pat’s amazing journey across the Sahara Desert at the outbreak of the Second World War. Zoom in to see some of the inhospitable terrain across which he travelled, and click on the placemarks for a short description about his journey.

28 October 2011: Over the last almost 400 years members of the Ashe Family have written books, many of which are now available on the internet and which can now be accessed from a new page.

20 October 2011: Congratulations to Julia, who started a new job this week at the Wag Club, which provides a number of services for dogs in New York. It opened today, and Julia is one of the daycare counsellors for the dogs. She hopes also to get more involved in training, thus putting her recent dog training apprenticeship to good use.

15 October 2011 – Research Paper updated: After discovering some additional information, I have updated the Research Paper on Miss Elizabeth Ashe, which now links her in to the Family Tree.

26 September 2011 – Family Tree updated: A new version of the Family Tree has been uploaded. This adds a few more Ashes in the branch that served in India, corrects a couple of errors that I identified, and adds information that has become available on The History of Parliament website for those who were Members of Parliament. Once again, new source documents have been included.

25 September 2011 – new Research Paper added: After discovering some new information, I conducted additional research on Miss Elizabeth Ashe, which has led me to speculate on her parentage, one of whom seems to have been a member of the royal family.

20 September 2011 – the Deli Senggigi opens! Aam has begun a new small business venture and has opened, next door to the Rambo Petshop, the Deli Sengigi, which stocks a wide range of good food products. If any of you are in Senggigi, pop in — especially on Tuesdays, when home-cooked dishes are available!

8 September 2011 – Research Papers added: As a result of a number of queries that I have received, on which I conducted fairly extensive research, I have produced some Research Papers. I hope these will be both interesting and useful to others.

16 August 2011 – Family Tree updated: A new version of the Family Tree has been uploaded and the landmark total of 1,000 Ashes in the tree has been reached. The latest additions include the Ashes of Tickenham, which are featured in The Visitations of the County of Somerset. The Pedigree Charts page has also been updated to include these additions, and additional Sources have also been included.

10 August 2011 – Sources page updated: The Sources page has been updated, not only breaking the source documents down into different categories, but also adding a link to the document where it exists on the web. For those who want to undertake their own research, this could prove to be a useful tool.

4 August 2011 – Pedigree Charts updated: The Pedigree Charts page has been updated, reflecting the latest version of the main database and adding some new charts on ancestors who went to America, Australia, and Ireland.

3 August 2011 – Family Tree updated: A new version of the Family Tree has been uploaded which brings the number of individuals in the tree to over 4,000. The latest additions focus on Hugh Rainey, founder of the ‘Rainey Endowed School’, his link with Lt.-Colonel Thomas Ashe, who contributed financially to the establishment of the School, and the various Ash-Rainey and Ash-Gaussen descendants, until the School was properly established in the late nineteenth century through the Educational Endowments (Ireland) Commission.

1 July 2011: Today is the first day of my formal retirement from UNHCR — actually, this is a test to see how many people read the “Latest News” and send me an email of congratulations!

28 June 2011: A new page has been added, which brings together available information on one of the prominent 19th century members of the family, Dr. Evelyn Oliver Ashe, best known for his book “Besieged by the Boers”.

14 June 2011: David has started a new job at the University of Sydney. He has been appointed as a Postgraduate Fellow, working on an Australian Laureate Fellowship research program. It’s a half time position so will hopefully still leave him enough time to continue his PhD study. So, let’s all sing together “For he’s a jolly good Fellow . . . . . “!!

23 May 2011 : T.F. Ashe & Nephew traded under the “Cockatrice Brand” in the 19th century as Export Bottlers of ales and spirits. Read all about Theophilus Fielding Ashe.

22 May 2011 – Family Tree updated and new cousin added! A new version of the Family Tree has been uploaded. Source documentation has been added for some of the older ‘De Esse’ generations and, thanks to the wonders of the internet and Facebook, a new cousin, Alan Ashe, has been found. Alan lives in New Zealand and is the grandson of one of the victims of the tragic sinking of the Titanic.

15 May 2011 – Julia certified! Following a four month apprenticeship, during which she impressed her teacher, and then aced all the final tests, Julia is now a certified dog trainer. So, anyone in the New York area who needs to have their dog trained, go see Julia, the professional dog trainer!

11 May 2011 : A new page has been added, which reviews various sources on the origin of the name ‘Ashe’.

5 May 2011 – Family Tree updated! A new version of the Family Tree has been uploaded. This contains new data on the California and North Carolina branches of the family.

12 February 2011 Hammy (Aam’s nephew) and Dilla were married in Jakarta today. We pray for God’s blessing on them as they start their new life together.

On the market! Villa Lampu is on the market for anyone interested in their own slice of paradise. After more than 10 years of enjoying life on a wonderful island, Aam and Robert have decided that, with the upcoming wedding of Joel and Nancy, they need to start thinking about moving closer to them in LA, USA.

Changed! Our old home in Godalming has had a makeover. See how it used to be when we lived there, and how it is now! A different house, but Pat and Marion would be happy to know that a new family is growing up there.

Engaged! Joel and Nancy are engaged in LA with a wedding planned for early 2012, and Suzie and Ollie got engaged in Switzerland with a wedding also planned for 2012. Congratulations to all four!