Welcome to the Ashe Family Tree, which was started by my grandfather and built on by my father — all paper-based. The web version was inspired by my son Peter, who put up the first website, and to whom I hope to pass on this extended work in due course. The current version of the website has only been made possible through the patience and technical wisdom of my brother, David, to whom I owe a great debt.It is impossible to calculate the number of hours that has gone into research, and I have tried to be as accurate as possible, quoting sources where possible. However, it is sure to contain errors – particularly the further back in history that it goes. While some of the linkages pre-1066 may be described by serious genealogists as flights of the imagination, it is fun to speculate on how we are descended from Adam and Eve! To bolster the notion that it is possible to go back as far as Adam, I would refer readers to an interesting book One Hundred Thirty Eight Generations From Adam, being a Pedigree traced from Adam to the Present Time by George Edward Congdon (1910). However, I would also draw your attention to his Preface where he writes: “I have presented this simply as a matter of curiosity and would have no-one suppose that I put any faith in it”.

Thanks to the generous contributions of a number of family members, new-found friends and distant cousins, and the internet, as well as to the time now afforded to me in my retirement, I am able to update the database from time to time with new members of the family tree, as well as with new information on individuals. As always, any suggestions for corrections and improvements, or photos to add, would be most welcome.

In recognition of all that my parents – Pat and Marion Ashe – have done for me, and all that they mean to me, this Family Tree is dedicated to them. My mother passed away on 31 July 2008, and my father followed her on 6 January 2009. We treasure their memories.