Research Papers

From time to time, I receive a query from a member of the family or from someone who has found the website. Some queries can be answered faily easily by referring to my family tree database or to my fairly extensive list of sources. However, occasionally the query leads to extensive research on what becomes a fascinating subject. In trying to draw conclusions from the research, which are usually never really conclusive given the passage of time and conflicting sources, I end up producing a research paper on the subject. These may be of interest to other researchers, and I therefore offer them here in the hope that they may provide some help to others. If anyone reading them has different insights, or different conclusions, then I would be very pleased to hear from them at [email protected].

The queries have resulted in the following research papers:

1. Benjamin Ashe, of Bath

2. Thomas Ashe, of Moone

3. The Ashe Crest

4. Miss Elizabeth Ashe

5. William Frederick Windham and Felbrigg Hall

6. Dr. Evelyn Oliver Ashe (updated 9 November 2013)

7. Ancestors of David Andrew Cockburn

8. The Ashes of Narraghmore