Pedigree Charts

This page uses charting software to show segments of this large family tree. The whole tree cannot be shown in one chart as it is simply too big, and it is therefore broken down into smaller sections. When reading a chart, caution should be exercised because:

(a) the chart shows descendants from the first name, and therefore does not show ancestors (or second spouses of females) of people lower in the tree;

(b) where a marriage has taken place between cousins, they will show up twice — once in each other’s family — leading the reader to suspect that there may be a double entry. In such cases, it is best to refer back to the main database to see how the cousins fit in to the two families.

(c) To follow a tree higher or lower, it is best to go to the name in the main database.

(d) The chart shows names and dates, whereas the main database gives more information on an individual.

While the charts have their limitations, they do at least provide a graphic view of where a particular person fits into a tree. It should noted that there are some overlaps between charts, and not everyone in the tree can be found on a chart. However, use of the charts will help the reader to position themselves within the main database.

Whenever I update the main database based on new information, the charts may become out of date. If researchers find any errors in the charts, please let me know and I will do my best to correct them.